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Complete Guide on Mastering Auto Layout in iOS

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Have you ever wanted to build universal apps meaning you build 1 app UI that can work on any screen size? That's what Auto Layout in iOS will help you. In this Auto Layout tutorial, you'll learn:

+ What's Auto Layout

+ How to add unambiguous constraints

+ Different kinds of constraints in Auto Layout.

+ Priorities in Auto Layout Constraints

+ How to programmatically create auto layout constraints

+ What's Auto Layout Content Hugging Priority vs. Content Compression Resistence Priority

+ Stack View in iOS

+ How to create and use UIStackView with Auto Layout

First off, let's download the starter project Duc prepared for you. Just simply enter your name and email on the page to get:

+ the starter and complete projects of this episode

+ Duc's step-by-step video tutorial

+ Duc's new training on How to Build Nike E-commerce Store WITHOUT Losing Your Shirt

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