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How Successful People Become Successful?

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Sophomore year in college, I still remember that winter night vividly. I was staying up late in the library nearly midnight, frustrated with learning to build iOS apps from some online courses. I was full of doubt and fear… then just accidentally by the margic of marketing, I discovered Brendon Burchard. 

He taught me everything from how to think, what habits I need to adopt, how to dream big, how to raise my ambitions, how to set goals and manage my projects, how to build my businesses, how to do marketing and it goes on and on.

I discovered the world of Personal Development and High Performance.

In this Insights Wednesday episode, I'd love to share with you three things I learnt from incredibly successful people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard...


  1. Successful people are always hungry. They will never be satisfied with the status quo. They're always challenging their limit and boundaries. 
  2. Their mindset on what does it require to succeed is different. Watch this session video to learn more.
  3. Successful people fail more than most and get up faster than most. They just don’t give up. In Angela Duckworth's terms, they are gritter than average people. They're obssesed with a passion and pulled towards a mission so big that help them persevere over the course of years and decades.

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